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Food is Social

At Aroma Private Chef and Private Catering, we believe some of life’s most enjoyable moments are also among the simplest…and that they often involve good friends brought together around great plates of food in a social setting.

As organisms, we must eat. As humans, we like to eat well. And as social creatures, we love to eat together. 

It’s a fact that the hunger for food is a stronger urge than even our sex drives. Don’t believe me? Well, consider: not many people have sex three times a day, every day, but nearly everyone ideally aims for their “three square meals” a day!

Of course, the point of having a meal is to eat food, and the enjoyment of it involves exploring new taste and sensory experiences as well as the many delights of well-prepared and innovative dishes.

But there is more to it than that. 

Eating is much more than the simple the act of taking in nutrients. There is social significance woven through nearly every aspect of it.

The phrase “breaking bread together” sums up a universally human experience of social eating. Mealtimes are an occasion for sharing, not only of food, but ourselves as well – our opinions, thoughts, news, triumphs, and even just the trivialities of life. 

The sharing urge is both deep and ancient 

Think, for example, of the bond between mother and child as she provides her infant with its first lifegiving sustenance. In this most basic sense, food is love. 

This family-feeding impulse continues throughout our lives; it’s easy to conjure in your mind’s eye an Italian nonna ladling impossible piles of pasta onto plates with the command, “Mangia! Mangia!!”

Food is a form of social currency outside the family as well. We give others food to show them that we care. (Who hasn’t been offered a very welcome bowl of chicken soup when they’re feeling crook??) Food is a versatile gift that everyone can accept, understand and appreciate. And when people are gathering, food welcomes and puts people at ease. 

The preparation of shared meals can also be an exercise in generosity, giving others the benefits of our bounty in much the same way that our ancestors would share the spoils of a successful hunt, or bounteous harvest, among their fellow members of the village or tribe. 

Food brings people together, makes them feel warm and accepted and gives that sense of belonging that we all crave.

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Anthony Bourdain understood this in his bones. 

That’s why the multiple TV series that comprised his extended cook’s tour of the world were so wildly successful. They tapped into an urge that is as ancient as it is universal. It’s a fundamental part of being human. 

All animals eat, but we are the only animal that cooks 

Cooking is far more than just a necessary step to unlock greater nutrients. It is a powerful symbol of our humanity, what marks us off from the rest of nature. What Bourdain successfully showed us in his travels is the many ways that food becomes a focus of symbolic activity about social interaction, identity and our place in our society.

In a world filled with chefs who want to tell you all about themselves and show off their own creativity, Tony went to the four corners of the earth to bring you the meals that real people ate. Together. Told you why it mattered to them and invited you to share in his highly opinionated but totally naked curiosity about the world. 

Feed your stomach AND your soul

Sadly, these days screentime too often replaces mealtime. Guts are stuffed with fast junk, distractedly devoured, when what our stomachs and our souls really crave is slow and wholesome food, paired with the warmth and security of connectedness.

At Aroma, we feed both your hunger for great dishes and your craving for social connection. Our private chef and private catering services are an ideal way to host any social gathering. 

Freed from the responsibility of preparing, cooking (and cleaning up!), you’ll have all the time in the world to share stories, laughs and a glass of something beautiful with your friends and guests. Add plates of delicious food and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for a thoroughly  enjoyable get-together.

Contact us today and together we’ll design an experience to remember!

by Todd Montgomery

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